Raanan Katz

Raanan Katz Miami Heat

Raanan Katz, partial owner of the Miami Heat, and all of the players and coaches must be feeling the stress of the NBA basketball finals after losing the NBA finals to the Spurs in five games. In addition to this stress, if the added pressure to replace the presence of potentially one of the greatest players in the NBA, LeBron James. Pat Riley is confident that the team can come back and compete in next years NBA finals.

The spotlight is now back on Dwayne Wade—the Heat guard who averaged 19 points per game last season, playing in 54 games because of hamstring and knee issues. Wade acknowledged that in order for the Miami Heat to win another championship, the heat need to trust in their training and keep playing the good basketball that they are used to playing.

The Heat were immensely close to winning their third NBA championship in a row. They were not at their best when playing the Spurs, and that became very apparent throughout the series. Dwayne Wade is now focused on next season and looking forward to the off season to recuperate and come back with full health. The Heat were able to aquire Luol Deng and Danny Granger to their roster, making them a real contender in the East this year. Chris Bosh will be taking on a major role with LeBron out of the lineup, which he says that he is more than ready to fill.

The Miami Heat came into the NBA for the 1988 to 1989 season as part of a two-phase league expansion that also included the Orlando Magic, Minnesota Timberwolves and the Charlotte Hornets. Raanan Katz, a former All Stars player and commercial real estate developer, is part owner of the expansion and is at every home game.

Raanan Katz Miami Heat:

Raanan goes to as many Miami Heat games as he possibly can. Heat fans might know his name, as he is normally sitting court side at every game. When he is not rooting for the Heat, he is  busy running his own real estate development company, RK Centers.

In the beginning stages, the expansion and the Miami Heat was not very productive for Miami, but once they napped Billy Thompson and Jon Sundvold, the young team got some great stability. Since then, this expansion team has faired very well and continues to prove itself as a [very successful] NBA team. Regardless, the Miami Heat will continue to shine.