Stuff Birdman says

By Joe

I’ve decided it’s high time to start a running blog of the stuff Birdman says. Some of the quotes will have context, and others will just stand alone on their own two feet…

Friday, Sept. 26, 2014

—Asked about playing for such a bargain price during the 2013-14 season. (Birdman played for the veteran’s minimum, but was still receiving a salary from his previous contract with the Denver Nuggets.)

“I was playing at a bargain last year? I was getting two checks. That’s what they called me in the locker room. ‘Hey, what’s up, Two Checks?'”

—On if he worked out of the summer

“I lifted boxes. I walked in the Texas heat. I walked up and down a mountain at 11,000 feet.”

—On the new flavor of his power drink, Birdzilla.

“I’m not going to tell you what flavor it is, but it might be greet tea with ginseng.”

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Source:: Raanan Katz – Miami Herald – Miami Heat


Some stuff from the first day of #Heat training camp (More on Chalmers-LeBron thing and a Danny Granger update)

By Joe

FIRST, a link to my story on the first day of training camp…CLICK ME! (Important note on Birdmanzilla at the end of the story, so read all the way down.)

Now some other stuff…

Let’s clear the air a little bit on the controversy/none controversy that cropped up involving Mario Chalmers on Friday.

As I posted to Twitter on Friday, Chalmers did refer to LeBron James as “that guy” during Media Day. But Chalmers didn’t seem to choose that wording as a slight to James. A reporter asked Chalmers if he did it on purpose and Chalmers quickly corrected himself.

“We don’t have to call him that guy,” Chalmers said. “He’s still King James, LeBron.”

Still an oddly worded way to refer to someone — surname first, like when you’re at the social security office — but it was pretty clear Mario meant no disrespect. Chalmers put out a tweet directed at LeBron just to clarify, which was also a little odd.

Anyway, moving on…

If you haven’t read Lee Jenkins’ profile of Erik Spoelstra over at SI.com, you should probably do that. Great work as always by one of the best sportswriters in the business.

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Source:: Raanan Katz – Miami Herald – Miami Heat


Chris Bosh’s message to the City of Miami

By Joe

Chris Bosh might be a familar name, but he will play a new role this season for the Heat. He’s the team’s marquee player with LeBron now in Cleveland and Dwyane Wade expected to miss a large chunk of games resting his knees.

On Friday, Bosh sounded ready to accept the challege:

“I’ve been in a similar position like this before in the past, and I feel like I can bring a lot to this team. I’ve had to play a role in the last four years, but moving forward I think I can show just the city and the organization what value I can bring — how much I can turn up the intensity and how much more weight I can put on my shoulders.”

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Source:: Raanan Katz – Miami Herald – Miami Heat


Luol Deng hopes to turn controversy of Danny Ferry’s comments “into something positive”

By Joe

Speaking with reporters on Friday at Heat Media Day, forward Luol Deng said he hoped to turn the racially sensitive comments made by Hawks general manager Danny Ferry “into something positive.”

Deng signed with the Heat this offseason after LeBron James left for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Deng will be an important player this season for a team that has reached four straight NBA Finals. But instead of talking about how he will fit into the Heat’s system this season, Deng spoke at length on Friday about the offseason controversy caused by Atlanta Hawks general manager Danny Ferry, who disparaged Deng with some racially charged comments during a meeting with Hawks executives.

“I do forgive them,” Deng said of the Hawks. “It’s not something that I want to hold onto for the rest of my career or my life.”

In a player evaluation during the meeting, Ferry said Deng was “a good guy, but he’s not perfect. He’s got some African in him. I don’t say that in a negative way.”

Ferry later took an indefinite leave of absence from the Hawks after the comments were made public.

“I don’t think Danny is racist,” Deng said.

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Source:: Raanan Katz – Miami Herald – Miami Heat


Miami Heat’s Last Off-Season Acquisition Prospects

Raanan-Katz-Chris-Bosh-Miami-Heat-compressorThis off-season the Miami Heat have spent the most money out of any other team in the NBA as the team still has holes in their lineup that need addressing. The absence of LeBron James along with potential injury issues for Dwyane Wade and Josh McRoberts show a depth concern for the reigning eastern conference champions. The team might look to add a player with potential that is not yet proven to add to their bench. Right now, the Miami Heat have 11 player on their roster with guaranteed salaries. During this time of the season, they are basically looking for a player to fill their last roster spot and possibly act as a team mentor during practice.  This player could also be one of the last players off the bench to add energy during a team mental break in a pivotal moment of a game.

Ryan Hollins is a great example of this. He has the energy-filling capabilities as the would-be Heat third center, and he has veteran leadership that could be used throughout practice. Another option is Jordan Crawford. Crawford can be an excellent playmaker off the bench, which is something that the Miami Heat are looking for. Emeka Okafor is also attracting a lot of attention. Though his injury past worries many people, Emeka Okafor could be a great investment for the Heat bench. Miami experienced some bad results with Greg Oden, but Okafor’s injury should be easier to handle. Do the Miami Heat need another Udonis Haslem? Dante Cunningham could fill that void and possibly beat Haslem for the spot as the mid-range big-man with great athleticism. Miami can only offer whoever they pick up minimum salary at this point, so since the Clippers just waved Miroslav Raduljica, the Heat could definitely use his size and rebounding abilities off the bench.


Assistant coaching shake-up changes personality of Heat’s bench

By Joe

Two long-time assistant coaches for the Heat will no longer be regular contributors to the day-to-day operations of the team.

Hall of Famer Bob McAdoo and coaching legend Ron Rothstein have been reassigned by the Heat, the Herald confirmed on Monday. McAdoo and Rothstein were both originally hired as assistants by Heat president Pat Riley. Yahoo Sports first reported the story.

With McAdoo and Rothstein likely off the bench, assistants David Fizdale, Dan Craig and Juwan Howard are expected to assume more prominent roles. Fizdale is considered one of the top assistants in the NBA and a likely future head coach in the league, Craig has a growing reputation as a talented skills coach and video researcher and Howard joined the Heat’s staff on a full-time basis last year.

This latest shake-up of the Heat’s bench is an extension of the team’s busy offseason. Riley and Heat coach Erik Spoelstra did well to salvage the team’s roster after LeBron James left the team for the Cleveland Cavaliers. When preseason training begins later this month, the camp will have many familiar faces, but a notably different collective personality.

Spoelstra, who began his career as a video coordinator for the Heat, inherited assistants McAdoo and Rothstein …read more

Source:: Raanan Katz – Miami Herald – Miami Heat