Takeaways from the Wizards Loss

Wade and Dragic

By far, the greatest achievement Dec. 7’s game was getting to see Dwayne Wade and Goran Dragic work together. The two each brought in 9 assists. To be honest, this is one of my greatest points of pride with this team. We have great talent, but every game is a team-game.

With little surprise, Wade lead the team in scoring with 26 points. 10 of those points were scored against Otto Porter. Wade was like a shark on the court, aggressively hunting down and converting a number of midrange jumpers, floaters, and banks-shots, while also helping out his teammates score. Wade was completely on his game.

Dragic performed remarkably himself. His half-court work was on point and the corner three that he nailed in the fourth corner was impressive. With 4:06 left on the clock, he managed a sweet pass to Wade who went in for the shot.

Other Notes

With nine rebounds, Chris Bosh’s game was also in pretty great shape. ¬†Grom the get-go, Whiteside was doling out great frontcourt work, and he had some pretty impressive dunks to his name. Noticeably, Whiteside made a great slam at 2:26 in the second quarter.

The Three-point Problem

With more than a minute on the clock, Bradley Beal went up near the rim and then lost the ball and touched it without a defender touching it (although both Bosh and Dragic were close). Shortly thereafter, Neal made the three. It’s unfortunate that Beal’s traveling play went uncalled. Yes, the final deficit was 11 points. But Beal’s traveling 3-pointer scored with more than a minute on the clock, allowed the Wizard’s to basically score 5 when they should have only scored 2. I don’t need to tell you how every point counts. But what I will say is that Chris Bosh faced his second ejection of his career just shortly after that three-pointer was deemed legitimate. It can be demoralizing to see a violation go uncalled.

Moving Forward

Calls set aside, the Wizard’s brought their game. I’m looking forward to tonight’s game @Charlote.

Let’s do this.