Some stuff from the first day of #Heat training camp (More on Chalmers-LeBron thing and a Danny Granger update)

By Joe

FIRST, a link to my story on the first day of training camp…CLICK ME! (Important note on Birdmanzilla at the end of the story, so read all the way down.)

Now some other stuff…

Let’s clear the air a little bit on the controversy/none controversy that cropped up involving Mario Chalmers on Friday.

As I posted to Twitter on Friday, Chalmers did refer to LeBron James as “that guy” during Media Day. But Chalmers didn’t seem to choose that wording as a slight to James. A reporter asked Chalmers if he did it on purpose and Chalmers quickly corrected himself.

“We don’t have to call him that guy,” Chalmers said. “He’s still King James, LeBron.”

Still an oddly worded way to refer to someone — surname first, like when you’re at the social security office — but it was pretty clear Mario meant no disrespect. Chalmers put out a tweet directed at LeBron just to clarify, which was also a little odd.

Anyway, moving on…

If you haven’t read Lee Jenkins’ profile of Erik Spoelstra over at SI.com, you should probably do that. Great work as always by one of the best sportswriters in the business.

I chatted with Justin Hamilton for …read more

Source:: Raanan Katz – Miami Herald – Miami Heat